Once Upon a Time, I went to a sushi restaurant with some of my friends.

One of those friends was Brian.

Several glasses of wine later, I noticed a little bowl full of wasabi sitting near the edge of the table. 

I was immediately overcome with the need to make Brian eat it. 

I offered to pay him to eat it, but he wanted more than money. He wanted opportunity. After haggling about the terms of the bet, we agreed that if Brian was able to eat the entire thing of wasabi within ten seconds, I would tweet about his new business adventure: selling playmats (or, for those of you unfamiliar with Magic:the Gathering and its various accessories, gigantic fucking mouse pads) with this spectacular picture on them:

It was a truly impressive amount of wasabi, and I didn't think he'd be able to do it, but I was wrong.

Like the upstanding citizen I am, I was prepared to follow through on my end of the bet immediately. And that's where it would have ended. But Brian needed time to get the playmats ready. 

Each passing day gave me more time to think of ways to market Brian's playmat. I slowly became more invested in the joke. Things spiraled.  

At some point, I may have even tweeted vaguely threatening things at Brian, which had the unintended effect of upping the ante and putting more pressure on myself to follow through on the hype. 

And here we are, several weeks later. I've got an entire advertising campaign for Lounging Brian Kibler playmats and this strange, almost competitive drive to sell as many of them as possible. 

I'm not even sure why or how this happened (boredom? Momentum? Just for the hell of it?), but it did.  

Welcome to Brianpocalypse. 

(If you absolutely cannot wait another second to purchase your own Lounging Brian Kibler Playmat, you may skip Brianpocalypse and proceed straight to the playmat:  http://bmkgaming.com/product/lounging-brian-playmat/#prettyPhoto)